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Photo of a roof with dormer windows What are those dark spots on my roof?

Is it bad if a few shingles seem to be coming loose?

Should I be concerned about algae growing on my roof?

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If you’re visiting this site, it’s likely due to the fact that something has made you uneasy about your roof. In particular, something doesn’t “look” right, and so now, you’re seeking information… a wise decision. Your roof is much more than something to keep the rain of your head. It’s a significant investment that protects—family heirlooms, expensive electronics, and most of your possessions.

In other words, roofing problems shouldn’t be taken lightly. If a small problem is left neglected, it can easily turn into a major problem. For example, spots on a roof can turn into a major leak, and an insufficient number of vents in an attic can lead to your roof deteriorating years in advance… That’s not mentioning the other problems it creates like inflated cooling costs and extra stress on your air conditioner.

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